In April 2017 het Attie Heyns en Riaan Potgieter deelgeneem aan die Munga Trail namens die Click Foundation. Riaan se vrou Marina skryf : There is so much to be said about The Munga Trail – conquering a monster of 400km in one of the most beautiful, but unforgiving areas of our country, making friends (organizers, medics, hosts, locals and fellow runners), challenging your mind and body to the brink. And that was the Munga – an extreme adventure never to be forgotten (or repeated I might add). Thank you so much to every single person that helped to create awareness and the generous contributions to the great cause that is the Click Foundation – we are truly grateful. To all our friends and families for the encouragement, jokes and advice it made the road a little less harsh – we love you! ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’. (Nelson Mandela) With great appreciation and love the Heynse and Potties.