“Deal making is so much better than deal breaking”

As the original paintings in our reception area would indicate, we strive to be original and innovative in providing a personal touch to legal advice and business solutions.

We proudly offer our clients “straight forward” advice with a view to providing the most effective solutions. We consider alternatives and focus on the challenge of deal making and not deal breaking.

Commercial solutions, property transactions, land reform projects, mediation, negotiations, drafting of effective understandable contracts and all property and business related legal work, are our main focus areas. We have a special understanding of agricultural business and our property division continuously assists clients in the selling and purchasing of agricultural businesses, farms and other properties. We strive to structure transactions in an innovative and positive manner and are proud of the many high value farm sales, we effected.

Do not hesitate to contact us for good, honest advice. If we do not have all the answers, we will get them through our network of experts.

We are determined to obtain the best solutions for our clients and believe positively in the principles as enunciated in our country’s Constitution.